Sunday, June 3, 2007

Stevia in Coke? Ok... I'm listening

I ran across this article while connected to wifi here in Vienna. Sounds pretty cool eh? Well... I'm outside at 9:30pm under a tent in the pouring-down rain. Not the most romantic evening, but hey... I'm in Vienna!!

Anyway... we use Stevia a lot in our house. It's a great natural herb that's also VERY sweet. We use it in tea daily (excellent in Yerba Mate) and give it to our girls with lemon water, which they love and avoids them drinking sugar-water fruit juice. ;)

It doesn't surprise me that Coke is trying this since "healthy" is in. I'm anxious to see what they come up with. On the surface it sounds great, but knowing "Big Soft Drink," they might screw it up with some blend that will defeat the purpose. ;) We will still not give soda-pop to the girls and I only drink pop occasionally, but when I do at least it could have a better sweetener than aspartame.

Read the article on and we'll see what they create.

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