Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nuked edamame??

NUKED edamame??? EEEEEWWWWW! We went to a sushi restaurant last night - conveyer-belt style in Issaquah. *sigh* It's one of the only times I eat white rice. No one can be perfect 100% of the time! LOL Anyway, we don't normally get edamame because it's SOOO bad for you, but I just had to comment on this. As we're sitting there, the owner is near the back NUKING little bowls of edamame and then putting them on the conveyer belt.

This is a fricking RESTAURANT! Can't they COOK THEIR FOOD properly??? Have restaurants gotten so lazy??? Ugh, I know that seems trivial, but it just royally grossed me out. Why can't they BOIL or STEAM them?

I'm not totally against microwaves... They have a purpose... sometimes. I do try to avoid using it though. It just creeps me out knowing what it does to food and how it heats it.

If we remodel our kitchen though *fingers crossed*, I will hopefully get rid of it completely and replace it with a nice convection oven. However, since there is a microwave in my kitchen now... I use it to heat water or re-heat left-overs. I never use it on fresh food. I know left-overs aren't much different than fresh food, but I'm ok with that. LOL I keep telling myself that somehow makes sense. LOL Can't wait to get a convection/turbo oven. Mercola recommends a counter-top style turbo oven, but I'm hoping to find one that can be installed and not just be another appliance to clutter my counters...

That's all for now!


Colleen said...

You would be surprised by HOW MUCH food is actually microwaved at restaurants!

I worked at Applebees years ago, and it was annoying how much of the food had to be prepared by the waitress before it headed to the table. For example -- there was a dish that was essentially fettucini alfredo with grilled chicken and veggies. The grill person grilled the piece of chicken and then put it under the heat lamp as a finished order. The waitress then pulled out a tupperware-type container with the noodles and sauce in it that had been microwaved, stirred it up, pulled out another tupperware-type container with the veggies that had been microwaved, and placed it all on the plate.

At Max's Mexican in NC, there are just a series of microwaves, almost nothing is actually cooked.


Ferbit said...

EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW! I worked at Nordstrom's Cafe when I was 16, but they didn't nuke much. Just nucked lunchmeat for warm sandwiches, but most everything else was cooked. Other than that, I haven't worked in the restaurant business. That's so gross to know about Applebee's!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you don't realize it, but microwaves cook food basically the same way that immersion in hot water does. In fact, microwaves are _designed_ so that the energy they deliver is of the same type as the energy in hot water. They heat the water in foods, which then cook just as if they'd been boiled or steamed. This is why an empty ceramic bowl in the microwave doesn't get very doesn't have any water absorbing energy and being heated up.

Don't have a blog up and running yet, so I can't link you to my work but....I'm a chemist in my last few months of my PhD, so please don't think that this is just a load of bunk. I'm not making it up!

Ferbit said...

Hi and thank you for your post. I am in no position to argue this issue since I don't know all of the specifics on how microwaves cook foods. I knew they caused friction between water molecules and that's about it. My main concern is what happens to the food afterwards, which is not similar to boiled food.

Most of my knowledge on microwaves is from Mercola. I'd love your thoughts on his article below.

The Hidden Hazards Of Microwave Cooking


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