Friday, June 8, 2007

Stevia in Coke? Good for the sweetener industry...

My hubby brought up an interesting topic last week about Stevia being used in a future Coke product. Although I will probably taste it, I still don't recommend anyone drink much soda pop. Sparkling Mineral water is much healthier. Pop is NOT just about sugar or artificial sweeteners. There are a lot of different reasons soda pop is bad, but I won't go into that now. Also, because stevia greatly enhances the taste of other sweeteners, Coke might do a MIXTURE of sweeteners (artificial or not) in their new product. *sigh*

The biggest WIN here is that Stevia will be made an official SWEETENER!!!!!!! Stevia is still only considered a dietary supplement. But now that the Coca Cola Company has petitioned the FDA to approve it as a sweetener, companies can use it in all sorts of products! So if Coke succeeds (of course they will), we'll see a flood of new products like yogurts, beverages and desserts made with stevia!

Woo hoo!!!!!

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