Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Aspartame cancer risk getting new attention

I've heard about this cancer link and Aspartame before, but didn't know a lot about the details or how much Aspartame was fed to rats to get those results. I recently read an article/study about the subject and surprisingly, it doesn't take much to put yourself at risk.

The new study found statistically significant increases in lymphomas and leukemias in rats that were fed as little as 20 milligrams of the sweetener per kilogram of body weight—an amount that’s in the ballpark of what some people consume.

The article says this amount is equivalent to a 50-pound child drinking 2½ cans of diet soda per day, or a 150-pound adult drinking about 7½ cans of diet soda per day. You might be saying to yourself... "I don't drink that much diet soda each day!" However, if you are also consuming a lot of sugar-free products, many of those are also made with Aspartame, which could easily add-up to the same amount.

I wonder if Coke noticed this study and that's why they are planning to use Stevia. It might not be long before Aspartame generates more negative press and possibly banned.

If you can add Stevia to your drinks like tea and coffee, that's great and much better than using Aspartame based products. The article also says Sucralose is safe, but remember Splenda is not 100% Sucralose from what Ferbit has discovered recently. If the ingredients say Sucralose, then that's the safer ingredient than seeing Splenda.

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