Monday, July 2, 2007

Applegate Farms Organic GRASS-FED beef hot dogs!

Applegate Farms is now selling Organic, GRASS-FED beef hot dogs! So excited! I just bought a pack yesterday and I'm about to make them for the girls.

Applegate Farms Grass-Fed Beef hot dogs

There has been a little confusion over the nitrates/nitrites issue since Consumer Reports came out saying even the brand above contains them. This freaked me out at first because Applegate Farms is a wonderful, honest company. They respond to emails and honestly care a lot about their animals and the products they produce. It really stunned me to hear about the nitrite report. Luckily Chewy-Mam put my mind at ease by finding a thoughtfully written letter by the CEO of Applegate Farms regarding this topic.


Anonymous said...

They are pretty good overall but the Great Organic Hotdog is actually a duplicate of their existing organic stadium dog hot dog that came out a year before.

The hot Dogs are grass fed but the Great Organic Hotdog sold in W.F Markets cannot make that claim since WF requires AF to get their beef from a different source so AF has to use domestic beef for WF rather than their usual beef from Uraguay. The cows that they have to use for WF Markets version can't say with 100% certainty that they are grassfed.

Ferbit said...

So I guess I'm a little confused! :) The brand new line that WFM is carrying (pictured above), that specifically says "grass-fed" right on the packaging is domestic and not guaranteed to be grass-fed? How can they label and promote it as grass-fed then?

Yet the older, organic stadium hot dogs that didn't say grass-fed on the packaging are from Uraguay and ARE grass-fed?

I hate not knowing for sure where my food comes from!!! :)

Anonymous said...

That is correct... The Great Organic Hot Dog that WFM carries uses domestic beef is grass fed but not 100% grass fed. I believe at least one of the sources feeds the cows a grain feed at some point of their lives. So that is why it is NOT 100% GRASS-FED.

The Great Organic HD carried in other stores IS 100% grassfed. That beef comes from Uraguay. WFM doesn't use that beef for several reasons and refered Applegate to use approved beef sources in the US.

The Stadium Dog Hot Dog is literally the same hot dog that is being used in the Great Organic Hot Dog in uraguay. It si ewaiser for the to duplicate the two HD's under 2 lables and not chaning teh recipe. The old labeling on the stadium does not say grass-fed because marketing didn't think it was all that important to say.

When the Great Organic came out a year later, they really jazzed up the labeling so that it stands out and thus, added grass fed. The New labeling for the stadium HD does now say grass fed.

You will see very few stores carrying both HD's. It has the same price & same package size. WFM does not sell stadium HD so AF carries all Uraguay beef.

The Employees explain the differences between the two HD's by saying one is more geared to the general public (Great Organic) while stadium Dog is more garlicly and stronger in flavor.


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