Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No More Organic Milk at Starbucks

So disappointed to hear that Starbucks is discontinuing their organic milk supply. I originally heard about this over at the United States of Motherhood. I thought for sure it wouldn't happen for another month or so, but no... As we ordered our drinks at a nearby Starbucks, I was promptly told they don't carry it at all anymore. To which I replied very politely, "Awh, I'm so sorry to hear that. This will probably be our last purchase here then." The barista totally understood as she buys organic milk for her kids. She was equally upset over the decision.


Not that we go to Starbucks THAT often, but it was nice to swing by on occasion and the girls love getting organic steamed milks that I sweeten with stevia. No more!

Starbucks chose to do this because they're proud to have switched all regular milk to rBGH-free milk, they phased out the organic milk..............

...... you know because rBGH is the ONLY REASON to drink organic milk.

*rolling eyes*

Nevermind the fact that conventional animals are confined to repulsive living quarters. Nevermind that rBGH is only ONE hormone! What about all the rest? Nevermind that those poor animals are fed pesticide-laden, GM corn and soy and then pumped full of antibiotics to prevent the infections their diet causes. This stuff MATTERS. This stuff is what makes organic milk worth the extra money. Conventional milk IS NOT HEALTHY. Healthy milks comes from healthy cows. It's as simple as that.

I can't expect Starbucks to go all-organic, I know that. :) rBGH-free milk is a great step for a big company like Starbucks to make, but they should have kept organic milk as a CHOICE.

Seattle Times Article


chewymama said...

Amen sister! I agree completely. Hopefully they will realize it was a poor choice and they will bring it back....if it matters to enough consumers.

Scout's Honor said...

ok, so reading some comments on that same starbucks gossip site, it looks like that the organic would be served even if not fresh and maybe even a little chunky. Blek! Maybe you and the girls dodged some food poisoning.

Ferbit said...


carrie said...

Starbucks is making some weird choices lately.

Ferbit said...

Oh well... I still love their drip coffee and Tazo teas. I have to put cream in the coffee, but I'll live. :) A small amount of non-organic cream won't kill me on occasion. :)

Even though I said EWWWWW earlier, I've never personally experienced that. My organic latte's always tasted great. But it's scary to think they COULD have served it chunky! Here's the Starbucks gossip site Scout's Honor is talking about: StarbucksGossip


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