Saturday, January 19, 2008

Monica Lewinsky's X-Boyfriend's Wife for President


Ugh, I definitely needed a good laugh this morning. :) LOVE THIS! Thanks to my wonderful uncle for emailing it to me.

I'm not much of a bumper sticker person (except for my itty bitty republican elephant sticker), but boy do I want to display this somewhere! LOL


the mom said...

I just got this in an email from a friend. I've been chuckling all day.

One of my big pet peeves this election season is the fact that everybody - republicans, democrats, the media (I guess that falls under "democrats) - calls Sen. Clinton "Hillary." I want her refered to by her last name, like all the other candidates! The people need to realize that they are risking another CLINTON in the White House!! Calling her "Hillary" seperates her too much from her toady husband.

But even better, let's call her Monica's Lover's Wife. :-)

Tormen Tagain said...

somehow my ron paul evening search brought me here to your blog about that hilarious Hillery sticker. Then I noticed you call your blog the Green Republican. Here's another kind of green republican too.
"Aliens for Ron Paul"

Ferbit said...

Monica's Lover's Wife... hehehehehehehehehe.......... :)

Love the video Tormen Tagain! tanks and glad you found my blog! I totally agree with you on the republican party... :-( Where on earth are they going??? Will I continue to call myself the Green Republican if McCain wins??? EEEK!

Tormen Tagain said...

Ditto on a scary McCAin. Maybe it is that I am now old enough to have seen an era where man still pulled himself up by his own bootstraps and if he falls back then he knows there is learning and wisdom to be gained in that as well. Or maybe it was simply learning the work ethic of My grandfather who campaigned fervently for Barry Goldwater, or the never feel pity for yourself teaching of my parents, bu this is why we stand against seemingly insurmountable odds and continue to work for a candidate who while he 'might' not make the white house in november still stands strongly in defense of a constitution and ethic of the individual. I make no apologies and will remain proud in my support of Ron Paul in this election for as he says, he is not the revolution but merely the portal and the message is many times bigger than himself. Our children will learn the benefit of adversity and the power that can be felt when the "underdog" makes a mark that can change or redirect thinking to such an extent as to further our vision and retention of the power that is freedom.
As a republican delegate from Alaska I will never never give McCain my vote!
In the November general election write in "Ron Paul-president". It could be the greatest grassroots eye opener this country has ever seen.
Ok, I'll stop taking up so much space on your blog now :)but thanks


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