Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It IS possible to have a healthy kids birthday party!

My youngest just turned 3 last weekend and I'm proud to say we had a very fun, HEALTHY (except the alcohol, LOL) birthday party for her. Here's how we did it:


  • Organic, blue corn tortilla chips with organic, natural salsa (no HFCS)

  • Veggie Bootie


  • Salad greens and sprouts with choice of three organic, healthy dressings (my 3YO and 4YO both go crazy over broccoli sprouts!!)

  • Natural, pasture-fed Silver Springs Cattle Company hamburgers served on Rudi's organic, unbleached hamburger buns.

  • Applegate Farms preservative-free, natural hot dogs served on Rudi's organic, unbleached hot dog buns.

Dessert (Strawberry Shortcake - sort of *wink*):

  • PCC Angelfood Cake (only $4.99!!!!!) made with organic unbleached flour, crystalized cane juice and Stiebers Farms free-range egg whites, topped with...

  • ...sliced local organic strawberries (gooey from soaking in Rapadura all day)

  • ...Alden's organic, all natural vanilla ice cream (the only ice cream I've found sweetened with dehydrated cane juice rather than sugar)

  • ...and homemade organic whipped cream (whipped with cinnamon, Rapadura & vanilla).

1 comment:

valaimo said...

I wish people would really be more careful about what they serve at Birthday Parties. They might not just "poison" their families but an entire group of kids.
Thank you for the tips! I will try next year.


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