Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stiebrs Farms - TRUE Free-Range, Organic Commercial Eggs

After searching, I have finally found the perfect eggs that meet all of my criterea. For those of you here in the state of Washington, look for Stiebrs Farms Organic Free Roaming Eggs. They call them Free Roaming because it's more of a huge grassy yard than an actual "range" but I would definitely consider these Free Range.

The chickens sleep in a hen house (to keep them safe from nightly predators) and every morning their eggs are collected. As the owner put it, it's easier to collect eggs IN the hen house then all around the yard!!! LOL Yes, I emailed the owner and she was so friendly and helpful! :) Anyway, once the eggs are collected, the chickens are free to roam all over the grassy yard. This is the perfect environment so the eggs have the right balance of vitamins and trace minerals. Definitely an excellent nutritional choice!

Stiebrs Farms

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