Saturday, August 19, 2006

Organic Manufacturers: Who's Your Daddy?

Even more reason to buy from local farms... I had no idea these companies were owned by huge corporations. I totally thought a lot of these were small organic business that became successful. Kinda sucks to know this...

We have our produce delivered weekly from Pioneer Organics - it's less expensive AND it supports local farmers. :) Local organic farmers care WAY more about the quality of their product whereas most big businesses just care about the profit (which is fine! profit is a good thing, but I prefer local quality). These businesses below are lobbying to allow "USDA Organic" to contain hormones and antibiotics in dairy cattle, pesticides on produce and contaminated fishmeal as feed for livestock. :-( They won't win, but they're trying and that's just disgusting. Makes me sick to think that we're going out of our way to eat healthier and all they're trying to do is cheapen and ruin the organic market to make it easier for them to produce it.

  • General Mills owns Muir Glen and Cascadian Farm

  • Heinz owns a minority share of Hain, which in turn owns Breadshop, Arrowhead Mills, Garden of Eatin’, Farm Foods, Imagine Rice (and Soy) Dream, Casbah, Health Valley, DeBoles, Nile Spice, Celestial Seasonings, Westbrae, Westsoy, Little Bear, Walnut Acres, Shari Ann's, Mountain Sun, and Millina's Finest

  • M&M-Mars owns Seeds of Change

  • Coca-Cola owns Odwalla

  • Kellogg owns Kashi, Morningstar Farms, and Sunrise Organic

  • Philip Morris/Kraft owns Boca Foods and Back to Nature

  • Tyson owns Nature's Farm Organic

  • ConAgra owns LightLife

  • Danone owns Stonyfield Farm

  • Dean owns White Wave Silk, Alta Dena, Horizon, and The Organic Cow of Vermont

  • Unilever owns Ben and Jerry's

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