Saturday, August 19, 2006

About Me

I am a stay-at-home-mom to two beautiful, homeschooled little girls. Homeschooling started when I learned about child brain development via Glenn Doman at IAHP. This then led me to the Family Hope Center, which is similar to IAHP, but includes whole nutrition and newer technologies. With a combination of two wonderful, nutrition-conscious parents, a fabulous German immersion program, church, family and amazing friends, I think homeschooling is going to be challenging, fun and successful!

I love reading books on health and nutrition. I'm nowhere near perfect, but I'm slowly making changes everywhere I can - when I can afford it! I think the thing that surprises people most is I don't make these lifestyle changes out of FEAR. My life is not a Rush Limbaugh "Bad Living" parody, no matter how much Horus likes to joke it is. I actually find this stuff fascinating. When I learn of a new toxic substance that I should eliminate, I try not to panic over it. I try to remind myself that only two short years ago, my life was full of toxins. With baby steps, I've come a long ways and I still have a long way to go. Why panic over one more ingredient when my lifestyle is so much better already? I constantly have to remind myself - BABY STEPS - or I'll go nuts! :) :) :)

All of my core beliefs are very conservative, yet because of my interest in health, brain development and nutrition I fall into the green category... however... I do NOT support the global warming hype - that is typically attached to a green lifestyle. I make these lifestyle changes for me because it's the right thing to do and toxins aren't good for anyone. I believe Global Warming happens naturally and is nothing to get worked up over. I think carbon credits are a perfect example of why the global warming hype is all based on a political agenda. Apparently it's ok for someone to pollute and live a toxic life as long as they buy carbon credits. I mean, God forbid they actually change their lifestyle!?

I blog because I'm tired of people rolling their eyes when I bring things up in conversation. Very few people around me CARE about truely living a healthy life. Most people I meet typically want to be happy, fit and "healthy" (AKA skinny). It's more acceptable to follow a toxic skinny-diet then to actually educate yourself, read labels and cook healthy foods. I know, I've done it! I went on Weight Watchers a few years ago and lost a lot of baby weight, but was I healthy? No. Technological advances have made life so easy... but at what cost? Making your own meals, eating whole foods and living naturally isn't a walk in the park, but the pay-off is tremendous. The pay-off is knowing your body is healthy. It's knowing you're probably NOT the one who will get cancer. It's knowing you're probably NOT the one who will end up on a zillion prescription drugs in your senior years. It's knowing (excluding tragedy) that you'll probably live a very long, healthy life...


P~ said...

ferbit, I found you through the Red State Green blog and I agree with you on so many things here. I too am conservative in most ways and like you my wife and I have been moving toward a healthier life both for us as well as our three boys. I agree with you about the Global Warming hype for the most part as well. I talk a lot about simplifying my life, and reducing my impact, but I think these are just the right thing to do period, global warming scare or not. I hope you'll stop in sometime and weigh in. I'll certainly be checking in.

Ferbit said...

Thank you for your comments! I really enjoy the Red State Green blog too. I haven't had a chance to comment there yet, but I want to. One of my favorite posts there was about peeing in a water-dilluted bucket to then pour it on the yard... ROTFL I just couldn't imagine doing that... yet at the same time it makes you ask yourself... Could I??? Would I??? LOL

I wandered over to your blog and I really enjoyed it! I will definitely visit again. It's so wonderful meeting like-minded individuals! You've actually reminded me I need to update my blogroll too. :)


Filkster said...

Hi! I found your blog doing a search for organic/hormone free diets through google. I am thrilled to have found someone NORMAL out there talking about organic foods. This is all new to me, we have led unhealthy lifestyles too long and am ready for a change.
I have 2 kids, 8 year old daughter and 16 month old son. My daughter told me the other day that her armpits sometimes smell, and after a quick whiff *whew* I am afraid that she may be entering a very early stage of puberty. What a wake up call that was! I am looking into going completely hormone free and homemade/homegrown as much as possible and within our budget. (baby steps... right?)
I am also a very conservative republican and fear what might happen if our transportation system is disabled by god forbid terrorism or hillary high taxes.. therefore want to phase out weekly trips to the grocery store as much as possible, who knows when there might not be food there waiting for us? Self sufficiency is my goal.
I also want to home school my children, making my daughters 4th grade year her last in public school. I am downright tired of her having to be hospitalized with rotavirus every year from poor handwashing skills of all the other kids she is exposed to every day. I will check on your blog often, your quirky humor is right up my alley!!

MamaToo said...

wow - how fun to find you & see there are other moms like me out there! :) We moved from Seattle a couple years ago, but we're still part of the great northwest. Your blog has great info & links on it. I'm sure I'll be back often.

- MamaToo

Ferbit said...

Thanks to Filkster and Mamatoo. I'm so glad you guys like my blog! :) I haven't been writing as much lately, but as I find interesting things to add, I will. :) If you guys find interesting topics, feel free to email me and I'll research them and blog about it! :)

Organic gardening is something I'm dying to research and get into more when I have more time. I just love the idea of self sufficiency. Where does the time go??? I'm also dying to do a series of blogs on eating naturally (read: high calorie foods) and losing weight...

Jenny said...

Interesting blog. I enjoyed reading it.

I am the owner of Oasis bedding, we make the worlds greatest silk. I wanted to ask why you recommend
Bed Bath & Beyond Pure Beech Jersey Sheets, 100% Modal. You say it "feels like your sleeping on silk sheets." Silk is a really green product, so why not sleep directly on silk sheet? Just a thought I had when I was ready.

Thanks for the wonderful blog.

Ferbit said...

Honestly, I never really thought about it before! I've never bought silk bedding before and I don't own much silk clothing. No particular reason really! :)

But you are right. Silk is actually a pretty green product, with the exception of how far it travels from production to product. Personally, that doesn't bother me at all... LOL I've read online that silk is NOT a green product because it is cruel to the moths... but in my opinion, that's mixing the issue of being "green" with being "liberal." *wink*

Maybe I'll have to give silk another look! It's honestly just never been on my radar. :) Thanks for reminding me it's out there! :)

Lisa said...

Hi Red State Green Folks ~
I found ferbit on a quest for info on iodine deficiency and enjoyed her too. I am a green blue state "humanist/progressive." I think you all are too! but don't realize it! I just want everyone in the world to have the opportunities we have here in the U.S. for their food choices. And school, and religion. I like what Ron Paul has to say, a lot, but I do believe in the threat of human induced climate change. I've researched it quite a bit, and it holds up. The nice thing is, the ideas you all are sharing will help all of us on this earth whether or not the problems are caused by fossil fuels. In my rural community here in the Pacific northwest food security and community health have taken center stage in the past two years. We here in my community wish this for all peoples.

Gregory said...

Greetings. I just stumbled onto this site. I have called myself a Republican wannabe because I believe in limited government, free trade, believe decentralized (read: local) decision-making is usually best. I'm pretty libertarian althought I also like ideas from the the reinventing government school of thought--gov't as the overseer only and privatize the delivery of actual services--and the Center for Economic and Social Justice which calls for capital accounts for everyone via the market--give everyone a piece of the free enterprize system. I am a middle aged married guy with two college-age daughters. I would also like to see Republicans become more "green". My wife and I are increasingly into natural health, organic and green living. I will check in alos form time to time. I hope this turns into a movement of sorts. I live in Texas and most of the Republicans here are either connected to large corporations or are evangelical--some bordering on the bizarre--Christians. Not that that is all bad, but hey, there are others of us out there too.

FrogleyMom said...

:) It's nice to know there are others out there like me! I got sick of my natural-mommy groups being so liberal, so I just googled republican natual parenting and got your blog.

I'm a capitalist and came to most of my crunchy ways because they're cheaper than the ways of the world. :)

I also don't follow the global warming hype, DH and I are constantly rolling our eyes over that one. Especially when we watch things on the History channel that talk about all the natural climate changes that have happened in Earth's history. :)


Crystal said...

Just reading through because I am not a stay at home mom, and my 17 month old daughter is in daycare. The foods they feed them are atrocious, and my daughter is beginning to notice that her food isn't the same as theirs. I, too, have a passion for health/nutrition and have a degree in it; it amazes me how much I have to struggle because I am the one feeding my child the non-refined and chemical-laden foods. I battle daily with daycare and people in general over not feeding things like Cheerios to appease her, not giving into the "chicken nugget" and "French fry" world all "normal" babies are in. Anyway, glad to know other moms out there are doing the same things I am. THanks for your postings.


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