Thursday, March 13, 2008

You got to love this country

I'd like to post a true story written by a very close friend of mine. I don't even really need to comment on it as it speaks for itself. Just wanted to share. -Horus

"So in the midst of all these lies the liberals are forcing us to believe, I thought I’d share some truth about the inequity of our system.

As you know, my stepdaughter just had a baby last September, out of wedlock and totally unprepared. It’s not a proud moment for my family, especially with my values but unfortunately my stepdaughter always chose to rebel against me and my wife, and chose the path contrary to our advice and guidance. In my opinion her biological father is to blame for the resistance he had towards my positive influence on his daughter. It’s long story so I won’t bore you with details but suffice it to say her teen years were terrible and put a strain on my relationship with my wife. Having said all that I do care for her and always wished her the best. However, I feel it necessary for her to be accountable for her actions and learn from her mistakes. My wife and I do help her a bit financially but we limit it to helping her support the baby, but of course her and her boyfriend are learning what it takes to be grownups, or so I hope they are.

Their views towards politics and society are what you would expect from people in their situation and this is what really pisses me off. Of course, because they made this decision to have a baby without any preparation and follow the “traditional” path to starting a family, they can’t financially support the child. This isn’t a problem because our Government makes it way too easy for people not to worry about such things. All doctors bill for both the baby and my stepdaughter from the moment of conception are paid in full by our state. She doesn’t even have a co-pay. I'd also like to mention that she doesn’t have to wait at some dingy clinic to see a doctor, she sees the same family doctor we have had for years. All prescriptions for her and the baby are paid for as well. The baby’s formula, diapers and other essentials are paid in full by the state.

This isn’t as a result of receiving a welfare check but rather is a program called WIC funded by the Washington taxpayers. I am sure other states have similar programs. What really gets my goat is that we just did her taxes last night (she isn’t even responsible enough to do them herself) and it appears that she will be getting a refund of about $3,700. She only worked part time last year and only paid a total of $900 in combined federal taxes. This is outrageous.

My main problem with this is that she will never appreciate this and understand the inequity of the system. Like many people who have made poor decisions in their lives, they see no problem with others having to pick up the bill for them. With Obama and Clinton running around filling their heads with ideas that Republicans are evil and out to get them, they of course become Democrats. There is a sense in these people that the Government is here to take care of everything and that no one should be held accountable for their actions. They fuel the fire of class envy by claiming such lies that only the rich get tax breaks and that the poor get nothing from their Government. How can I possibly make her see the truth and accept responsibility for her actions.

This is the true circumspection of Hope not the Audacity of Hope."


chewymama said...

oh yes, I know this story well. a family member of mine unexpectedly had triplets out of wedlock. while we sacraficed to pay over $2000 in deductibles for the birth of our one, healthy daughter, her complete pregnancy, diabetes complications and medical needs, cesarian delivery, NICU stays and STANFORD specialists were completely free. Her formula was free for a year as well and their medical care still is. Now the state is paying her mother to watch the babies as childcare while she works (well they will pay once the father is employed). The father does nothing and contributes nothing but gets the free food that the govt also provides. Why should he do any different? I do have to say they are forcing him to go to a work-prep course or something every single day until he gets a job or he will lose benefits - how hard is it though to go work somewhere and make something more than nothing? I love those little girls and Im so thankful they are healthy and provided for but its been hard not to be resentful or bitter while my husband works hard to provide for us and our 3 kids. If they do vote Im sure its democratic as well.

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

I can see how in California the Democrats are trying to make it illegal to homeschool. So many people put themselves at the mercy of the state...and are more than happy to let go of the responsibility of educating their children. I guess it irks the Democrats that there are those of us who fight against this control...those of us who actually WANT the care of our children to be in OUR hands. How dare we?? Can't we see how much GOOD they're trying to do for us??? Afterall, why would anyone WANT their children at home when they can send them off ALL DAY LONG and be free to pursue their own desires?? Isn't that what life is really about?
Not the same subject, obviously...but the same principles.

Ferbit said...

Chewymama: Thanks for your comment! What a frustrating story about the triplets! That situation is so similar! I'm amazed the state is paying HER MOTHER to watch them as childcare!?!? Wow!!!

~*~Janelle~*~: While I haven't followed it too closely, I have definitely been hearing about the California homeschool stuff. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all of that! No kidding though - Why would anyone willingly CHOOSE to be with and educate our own children when the state does such a FABULOUS job?

carrie said...

The healthcare system is DEFINITELY
broken. But I don't think that we can put the blame on either party.

They are all guilty, if you ask me. It's a sad state of affairs.

Ferbit said...

While I don't think it can ALL be blamed on the democrats, they're the ones hurting it the most. Universal healthcare may provide "care" for everyone, but it will be a nightmare for the health of America.

Hmmm... I have a LOT more to say on this topic so maybe I'll just blog about it rather than doing so in the comments. :) :) :)

More to come! :) -Fer

Anonymous said...

Oh yes: getting $2800 back in Federal taxes. What an outrage. Much better for the child to grow up malnourished, and with a reduced IQ. That way they will probably get into a life of crime and end up in prison, where it only costs about $30K per year to the taxpayer.

Why should children be given a break if they weren't smart enough to have rich parents?

I can just imagine this person talking about his "family values"....


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