Friday, April 13, 2007

There's Trans Fat in Butter, Cheese, and Beef!!??

This article points out (in my opinion) how the Trans Fat hysteria has gone a little too far. There is a difference between naturally occurring Trans Fat and the heated, processed, and altered hydrogenated oils in foods.

Since many restaurants and even Starbucks are switching to no trans fat foods, they don't realize that many foods contain natural trans fats. In the article, a baker supplying Starbucks is having a hard time finding trans fat free substitutes for butter and switching to non-trans fat margarine (yuck!!), which is about as bad as using the old hydrogenated oils.

Several things need to happen in the laws for trans fats including getting rid of the stupid loop-hole of .5 grams per serving or less of hydrogenated oils equaling no trans fat (whatever!!). Also, after reading this article, the law should be clear about naturally occurring trans fat versus hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils. There are too many scams, too many loop-holes, and we're suffering because of it. I feel like I have to be such a freak reading labels and I shouldn't need to.

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Jack Christopher said...

The Google results on "trans fat" is unnecessarily giving a bad name to foods.

Butter, cheese, milk and beef (among others) have natural trans fat or CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is good.

Bad trans fat comes from trans-saturating fat—high heat processing. Unfortunately until recently we've generically call both saturated fat.


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