Saturday, April 14, 2007

Seasonal Allergies - Homepathics - Local Honey

I'm one of those lucky people who gets hit hard by allergies each year, right about NOW. I think it's the cottonwood trees. Anyway, about a week ago mine just exploded overnight. *sigh* Coincidence this happened right after PIGGING OUT ON UNHEALTHY FOOD at Easter Brunch??? Hmmm..... Noone is perfect... Even I eat junk on occasion. *wink*

Boiron Sabadil Allergy homeopathic medicineFor the first time ever, I decided to TRY handling allergies naturally with homeopathics. In years past, I always relied on Claritin. So I dragged my sneezy, stuffy, red-nosed self over to Whole Foods and begged the nice employee in Whole Body to put me out of my misery. :) She was so helpful and recommended several brands. In the end, I went with her favorite and chose Sabadil by Boiron.

I also let her know that we buy only LOCAL RAW HONEY (in Washington, I recommend Anna's Honey) and that I had increased my intake of that lately - which she totally agreed with. Local honey exposes you to local allergens and pollen in low doses and in a way your body can handle. It's a great way to help combat allergies. If you travel, make sure to purchase LOCAL raw honey at your destination too. Most honey is pasteurized, which kills all of the natural enzymes and good stuff found in honey. Make sure you buy RAW honey. Sometimes they don't specify raw on the packaging so make sure to ask a sales associate. Anna's honey is one like that. I know their honey is raw because it says so right on the home page of their website even though their packaging doesn't specify.

Back to my story... As I staggered out of Whole Foods, I immediately dissolved two tablets and waited for a sneezing miracle... You know - medicine is supposed to work immediately!!!

For a full 24 hours, I followed the directions exactly and was almost ready to return the product. Then all of a sudden it started working! It took a little time, but it did work. Slowly since yesterday, my symptoms have COMPLETELY vanished. I feel wonderful today!

Yay for homeopathic remedies!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG, every time I think of something or hear of something natural or 'green', you've gone and posted about it! You're awesome!
I was wondering about organic eggs, natural linens, and just heard about eating local raw honey for allergies...and all I have to do is "think it and ferbit will post it". You're doing all my homework for me; where on earth do you find the time?
I have to wait for our local farmers market to open to get some local honey. It's such a small town and the grocery stores only carry the basic out-of-area honeys. My allergies are terrible, it's all the oak trees, and I'm so tired of drugging my body just so I won't sneeze.

Just yesterday I realized that the 'maple' syrup I drizzle on my kid's waffles every morning is total sugar. And I wondered why J had four cavitites last year?? Just spend $17 for a jug of 100% maple syrup and what a difference! Good-bye, Mrs. Butterworths.

I'm having too much fun finding and switching to healthy...THANKS FERBIT!! *

maltese parakeet said...

enjoy that honey while you can. apparently honey bees are disappearing en masse and and nobody really knows why.

Ferbit said...

Where do I find the time? :) 3am! LOL I'm a night owl!

Maltese Parakeet - I've heard about this and it's so awful!!! It's rumored to be related to GM crops, but I don't know much more. Sooo sad... *sigh*


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