Friday, January 26, 2007

Scary! Obama IS hot! LOL

A fellow blog that I read (United States of Motherhood *waving hi*) pointed out yesterday that Obama is hot. Which is funny because I've obviously seen him before on tv, but it never dawned on me that he was attractive... because he's a democrat... Until now! And she's right, he is a pretty good looking guy! LOL I think HOT is giving him a bit too much credit (my hubby is truly worthy of the word HOT), but Obama is better looking than other candidates.

That's scary though because unfortunately people will vote for them, simply because they're more attractive than the other candidate. Especially if they don't pay attention to politics! I can just see it now. Some chick is standing there filling out her ballot, wondering who to vote for (hmm, republican? democrat?)... *very dim lightbulb moment* "Oh, that democrat dude is pretty hot!" PUNCH (quite possibly a hanging chad punch, too)


You KNOW that would happen...

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Scout's Honor said...

Let's hope he is sooo hottt that voters don't take him seriously. You know, like that JFK dude. (sigh)....Well, a Republican girl can hope, can't she? However, based on studies, people usually think good looking and tall men are smarter, more confident, more hireable, etc. This will, I hope, spell doom for Hillary, but doesn't really help Republicans in situations where dumb blond voters play eeenie-meanie-minie-moe. So now it's up to us to glamorize... um Rudolph Guiliani or McCain. Swan producers where are you when we need you? Sorry, chuckle stuck in my throat here. I think those fine, upstanding Republicans need minimum 20 plastic surgery procedures. You know, about as many as Hillary has had. I think I'll make this into another posting.


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