Thursday, January 4, 2007

People Against Dirty - Method

For those of you not aware of this product line, it's awesome!!! I have been using so many of their products, all over my house for the past year. Why do I like their products?

  • All natural, environmentally-friendly, biodegradable ingredients

  • VERY safe around children

  • Older children can safely help clean!

  • The're extremely affordable (most items are typically $5 or less)

  • They're the same price online and shipping is cheap!

  • You can actually BREATHE while cleaning your bathroom with their bathroom cleanser. I usually clean mine while I'm showering because I know their spray isn't toxic.

  • Target carries them! Fred Meyer carries some of their products, but not many and I've found a lot of them at my local Bartel Drugstore. The store manager is really into green living so they stock a lot of the products. On the Method website you can click "where to buy" on their bottom navbar to find stores that carry their products near you.

  • My favorite product is their lavender all-purpose cleaner. It smells absolutely wonderful, yet is made of natural ingredients. So Lindsey can help me clean and not get toxic residue on her.

    I have tried and been thrilled with their all-purpose spray, laundry detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. The laundry detergent smells amazing in "morning bloom" but I wish they'd come out with a lavender version. They even make an all natural, fragrance-free baby version that competes with the ever popular Deft.

    They make a wood cleaner, but unfortunately the ONLY scent they offer is cherry almond... which I don't prefer. I like lighter scents (like lavender) and really wish they'd come out with more choices since I have hardwood floors all over my downstairs. You may try it and love it. It does work very well and I still continue to buy it because it's better than the harsh chemical alternatives.

    I also use their liquid hand soaps and our most offen used product is the hand sanitizer. Or as my 2-year-old would put it, "hanitizer." LOL The green tea scent is our favorite, but it's a bit stong so test it before buying it. I keep a bottle in the door pocket of my car. I do not recommend anitbacterial products (soaps, body washes, etc) because people don't need to be sanitized... Good grief! Every product on the market now comes in an antibacterial version. Ugh! Most germs actually serve to strengthen our immune systems by exposing us to them. HOWEVER, not all germs are good... Grocery carts and public restrooms can be repulsive so hanitizer is always nice to have on hand.

    Now it's only fair that I admit I still use bleach on occasion! Some things need serious sanitizing, like my toilets and any area of my kitchen after handling raw meats.

    Oooooooooooh! I'm surfing the Method website right now and they have BODY WASH! AND it's in my favorite scent, lavender!

    Happy green cleaning!

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