Saturday, September 1, 2007

Natural Deoderants SUCK!

Ok, someone please explain HOW natural deoderants are supposed to work. I've tried several of them with very little success. I keep reverting back to my old, toxic standby. :-(

I've tried the Crystal rock (the one you have to wet), the Crystal roll-on and Avalon Organics lavender deodorant. Those are the only three I've tried. I'd like to try Weleda's version next, but I'm hesitatant to throw my money away on another product that doesn't work.

Does it work similar to my post on sunburns??? That maybe better nutrition causes less body odor? Because I can be very careful about what I eat when I know I'm going to be in the sun all day (so as not to get sunburned), but deodorant is a whole different issue... If this is the case and nutrition does impact odor, then the only way to NOT STINK is to eat perfect 24/7??? Just a theory...

If I'm missing another huge part of the natural deodorant effectiveness, please share. For those of you who DO use natural deodorants, what brand do you use and how effective is it? Do I need to reapply it more often? This is one topic that I'd like to understand better because I hate that I'm continuing to buy this toxic brand.

Thanks for your thoughts!!! :)


chewymama said...

I totally agree. Ive tried the crystal stick and roll on and neither worked for me on a hot day when I worked hard! I just actually bought some Secret Platinum Unscented which, when I compared the ingredients, seemed less toxic than others and I felt a little better since it has no scent. Im sure its still toxic but I dont want to smell!!!!

Ive heard that refined sugar/foods make you have body odor - so cutting those out completely may work?

here are a million more choices and they are ranked by safety:

stay away from sure though - it has fragrance and then a frangrance mask added. boooo! (the platinum i just got is ranked a "2" which is still in the green zone so Im ok with it just for summer!)

Fer said...

Well, I guess I don't feel quite so bad because according to that website you provided, my Lady Mitchum Clear Gel Antiperspirant & Deoderant is number 36 and only a hazard #1. That's actually not at all as bad as I thought... and it works extremely well...

Well, I still want to find a zero so I'll probably eventually try all of those brands listed near the top. :) Thanks for that link!

Welcome to the 'burbs! said...

I have tried them all. I really wanted to like Toms of Maine so tried three different ones from them! The rock thing just was horrible...I hated smelling myself, lol.

That website link was incredible. Will be looking for some new products to try that aren't so bad for me!


babean said...

I have tried more than 10 /types of natural underarm odor treaters myself. To no avail. I still stink. Not only that...I sweat more profusely than I first realized and after a few weeks of going 'all natural' I had such a bad rash under my arms I could not shave. I think I am allergic to my own sweat? LOL I shower daily too! And because of all the problems I even washed my underarms more than 2 times a day. That's just way more upkeep than I have time for frankly.

That's summer tho where here it gets up to 115 on a bad day. In the winter I use a lighter weight deoderant.

Some people swear up and down the don't wear deoderant or they use the natural kinds...they may not smell themselves, but I can. (not everyone that says that but many lol)

Great blog!


hello insomnia said...

This reminds me of an "ugh" memory. I went on a date with this guy who used Toms of Maine (I found this out when I had to use his bathroom) and he stunk. Ugh ugh ugh.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I have tried many natural options, including crystal rock, crystal spray, Trader Joe's cotton deodorant, PG-free options, and other alternatives. In terms of effectiveness, nothing even comes close to my regular chemical brand. I also read about patents for using certain enzymes in antiperspirant, but the enzymes listed aren't currently in any products. For now, it seems I still need aluminum zirconium...

As chewymama suggested, EWG's database is a great resource:

Not all Sure is the same -- the Invisible Solid (fragrance free) is rated "0" (least harmful) and still contains the active ingredient.

If anyone finds an equally effective active ingredient (for white people) to aluminum zirconium/chlorohydrate, please post... besides being unnatural it stains shirts.


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