Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Do you know what's in your pet's food?

We have just recently switched our two cats to Wellness brand soft cat food. I considered doing this last year, but was too overwhelmed by all of the dietary changes I was already making in our own diets. BABY STEPS! :)

But I finally got around to researching pet food and I'm glad I did. Did you know it's not uncommon for the protein in pet food to come from euthanized pets (HELLO? pentobarbital withstands very high heat...)??? Did you know roadkill is ground into pet food? Yes, wild animals eat roadkill (including wild cats and dogs), but that is different compared to what manufacturers DO to the roadkill before it's ground into pet food. Did you know pets weren't meant to eat grain? Did you know animal diabetes is on the rise right along with human diabetes? For the SAME REASONS too! Here's a great article on what goes into pet food.

From what I've researched (haven't done gobs of research, just some), cats don't typically need any carbs at all in their diet. They're primarily protein eaters. While dogs on the other hand do need carbs along with their protein. The other big eye opener was VARIETY. I felt so stupid standing there in the pet store last week picking out all samon flavored cans, when the store owner says to me, "Ya know, it's a good idea to mix and match the cans so your cats can get nutrients and vitamins from many different sources."


It seems so obvious, but I never really thought about that! Humans try to eat a variety of food for that reason, why wouldn't animals? So now I buy a mix of different protein sources. My cats haven't been THRILLED over the variety, but they eat it regardless. LOL They don't care for the chicken... so they stare at it for a while first. LOL If they didn't eat it at ALL, I'd stop buying that flavor, but they do eventually give in and eat it.

Wellness (owned by Old Mother Hubbard) and Nature's Variety were the two brands Dr. Mercola highly recommended on his website because they are whole complete nutrition, mostly grain free and the protein sources are exceptional and perfectly acceptable for human consumption. Not suggesting you should eat it, but you COULD. :) I decided to go with the Wellness soft food and then I give them some Nature's Variety salmon crunchies later in the day. I just bought the crunchies yesterday so I haven't had a chance to see how much they like it yet.

Both of my kitties (about 10 years old) are in good health, but the yellow one is quite overweight. I'm hoping this diet change will help her get back down to a healthy size. I've worried over the years that when "the time comes" she will be the first to go... But maybe if I can get her back down to a healthy weight, both of my cats will live for another 10 years. :)


Ferbit said...

Pet food companies don't pay someone to drive around looking for roadkill. They buy bone meal and protein concentrates to make their particiular commercial food product. The meat bi-products are created from the carcasses of animals collected from many sources, including pet shelters and road kill.

If the pet food isn't specifically labeled "human quality" then they are most likely eating the rendered carcasses of dogs, cats, possums, skunks, raccoons, etc.

This is true in the human food world too. MSG is sold in the spice section in little shaker bottles. But just because a Chinese restaurant says they don't use MSG doesn't mean it isn't in every dish you order. More likely than not, it's in many of the ingredients they use to prepare your meal, whether they know it or not.

maltese parakeet said...

a hearty second on your compliments for the wellness brand! the dog food line is just great.


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