Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Trans Fats ban in New York

Since I am quite the nutrition freak, you'd think New York banning trans fats would be a good thing, right? Wrong... As much as I think trans fats are one of the most grotesque, artificial products on the planet, I still think this decision was wrong. It takes away your freedom of choice. If someone WANTS to eat trans fats, they should be allowed to do so. And it gives the restaurant the freedom to serve what they choose. If diners don't want trans fats in their food, they'll stop visiting that restaurant. Denny's is changing their menu already without government stepping in.

On the rare occasion, I am in the mood for an instant powdered hot chocolate... which contains small amounts of trans fats, but it's ooooh, so yummy. Way yummier than the healthier versions. Ditto for microwave popcorn. I should have the RIGHT to consume these products. It's my choice.

I would much rather see all restaurants put nutritional info somewhere easily accessible. And rather than just a nutritional info label, I'd personally like to see an INGREDIENTS list. There's a loophole regarding trans fats and many products labeled "trans fat free" actually DO have trans fats. Always look for hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils (aka, shortening) in the ingredients list. That's the only real way to know if trans fats are in what you're about to eat.

Whole Foods and PCC list the ingredients of all of their prepared foods and I LOVE IT. I read the ingredients list every time I buy something prepared there and I feel much better about my decision. My opinion on nutrition is a little "greener" than Whole Foods so even there I have to pay attention to what ingredients are used. ;) And what's interesting is they do it RIGHT on the food label and it doesn't look stupid! I'm guessing a lot of restaurant owners would snub their noses at the idea of listing ingredients, for fear it would look cluttered or dumb on their menu. Which is important, I do agree. But it's definitely do-able and I would love to see it done.

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mattkins99 said...

To play devils advocate... what about the secondary costs to the general public. Your insurance premiums go up as a result of others eating trans fats. Healthcare isn't run by the government (keep your fingers crossed for elephants in '08) but we do all share group healthcare plans. The health problems caused by trans fats cause countless health problems that you and I and our employers pay in premiums.

btw, I like trans fats :-) mmmmm


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